PlayStation 4 Review

psSony PlayStation 4 is just a wonderful modification that has been able to address the failures faced by its predecessor PS3. It is one of the most attractive hardware designed by Sony for the gaming consoles. It is no doubt the best gaming console in today’s times. Therefore, it is not a matter of surprise that PS4 has around 36 million users spread all around the world.

Modifications in External Designing

The back of the PS4 includes HDMI or optical ports and do not possess any analog outputs for audio as well as video. The new PS4 possesses a classic … Find out more

Nintendo Wii U Review

ntnEven after three years of its release, it has been holding the third place in the list of top ten gaming consoles till date. Although it has been lagging behind PS4 and Xbox, still it has shown good performance and has been able to hold its position of third ranking. The Wii U console is almost similar to its predecessor. It is a bit longer with 10.6 inches of length, with rounded edges.

The Hardware

The hardware of the Wii U is quite compact and unobtrusive. Its’ fan makes a little bit of noise when you power it by using … Find out more

The Best Alternative to Gaming Consoles

lappWhat could be the best alternative to gaming console? If you’re a console gamer and want to shift to other platforms. If laptop gaming or try your hands at it. You aren’t alone. There are many others who get confused what sort of price to go for when buying your first gaming laptop. As an experienced laptop gamer, I would suggest you allocate somewhere around 500 or less.

The best laptop for under 500 is scarce if you don’t get the right checklist at hand. This article will help you choose a gaming laptop that can work perfectly as a … Find out more

Top 10 Video Game Consoles of 2016

ps4Nowadays there are many gaming consoles available in the market, therefore the process of selecting the perfect one as per your requirements is somewhat a cumbersome task. Every year due to new technological advances new modernized versions of gaming consoles keep coming.  Consoles are basically specialized computers which are prepackaged and designed to allow playing video games. They are somewhat cheaper as compared to gaming PCs. But they have one limitation and that is they can only support those games which are made specifically for a particular system. Below we are going to discuss top 10 gaming video games consoles … Find out more