PlayStation 4 Review

psSony PlayStation 4 is just a wonderful modification that has been able to address the failures faced by its predecessor PS3. It is one of the most attractive hardware designed by Sony for the gaming consoles. It is no doubt the best gaming console in today’s times. Therefore, it is not a matter of surprise that PS4 has around 36 million users spread all around the world.

Modifications in External Designing

The back of the PS4 includes HDMI or optical ports and do not possess any analog outputs for audio as well as video. The new PS4 possesses a classic matte finish in black as compared to earlier two tone finish which provides it a classy and appealing look. Also in the new PS4, the touch sensitive buttons of power and exit have been replaced by the real press buttons that needs to be pressed physically.

Internal Changes

The internal components of PS4 have undergone some significant changes. The motherboard has become smaller and the number of memory chips placed in the heart of PS4 has also declined. But do not lead to the conclusion that there is less amount of GDDR5 memory in the new series of the gaming console. Sony has replaced the earlier 4GB memory chip with Samsung 8GB chip because of which the number of chips has reduced.

Noise factor

As compared to its earlier versions the new PS4 is comparatively much quieter. It might be because the new PS4 also possesses a Blu-ray drive which has been modified so that it creates less disc noise. Also, new PS4 draws less amount of power due to which it is cooler which might also be one of the reasons for its less noise.  In idle condition PlayStation 4 consumes around 20% less power whereas when it is being operated in rest mode, it consumes 36% less power.

Smart modifications

The new modifications that have been done to the Sony PlayStation 4 are not only unique but also are much cooler and efficient in its operation. Also, the modifications done are not very much costly and thus have been proved as an added advantage to the margins of Sony. The hardware of the gaming console is not only sleek but is quite powerful too.

Key features

Sony PS4 has been ruling the world of gaming consoles from almost last 2 years and with frequent add-ons and modifications, they are becoming more and more popular. They have become the best choice for playing third party games. They also possess the features of innovative streaming as well as sharing. Its interface is very fast and focused on games. It displays great performance and brilliant graphics which is boosted by an incredible controller. It makes the process of capturing and broadcasting gameplay online a simple one. It performs the dual function in the form of a Blu-ray player and also like a solid box for media streaming.

Some Glitches

Although PS4 is one of the most potential gaming consoles, still it possesses some of the drawbacks. It still has limited amount of backward compatibility. It lacks some of the media features and possesses less number of apps.