Top 10 Video Game Consoles of 2016

ps4Nowadays there are many gaming consoles available in the market, therefore the process of selecting the perfect one as per your requirements is somewhat a cumbersome task. Every year due to new technological advances new modernized versions of gaming consoles keep coming.  Consoles are basically specialized computers which are prepackaged and designed to allow playing video games. They are somewhat cheaper as compared to gaming PCs. But they have one limitation and that is they can only support those games which are made specifically for a particular system. Below we are going to discuss top 10 gaming video games consoles of 2016.

  1. Sony PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 or PS 4 is very smaller in size and do not require much space for its storage. It’s an essentially compact device and also possesses a built-in power pack which is quite impressive as its design is very much compact. As in terms of the noise generated by the gaming consoles PS4 is much quieter as compared to the new versions of PS3 or that of Xbox 360. It is quite a reliable gaming console and gives months and years of services without disturbing you with any technical issues.

  1. Microsoft Xbox One

It has been launched around two and half years back but still it possesses some of the unique features. It possesses many games which are exclusive. It also displays backward compatibility as well as one of the best controllers that you can find within a gaming console. Its catalog possesses around 250 types of games and 50 of them are really exclusive as they cannot be found on any other consoles. If you are searching for a gaming console full of entertainment, this one is surely worth giving a try.

  1. Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U is not much powerful like the other two mentioned above PS4 or Xbox one, still it is one of the best gaming consoles of the year. It has an attractive appeal and entertaining approach that is because of its exclusive library which consists of some of the wonderful games. It possesses a sophisticated look as compared to its predecessors. It is a little bit longer and slightly weightier as compared to your expectations.

  1. NVIDIA Shield TV

Shield TV by NVIDIA has disguised a powerful video gaming console in the form of an Android TV box, which have not only enhanced its outer look but also provides a unique and distinctive appeal to this gaming console which is different from its peers. It possesses Tegra X1 chipset which is quite powerful and also a variety of elite Android games. This one is surely going to satisfy all your casual needs of gaming.

  1. Sony PlayStation 3

Although it has been released in 2006 still it provides a great option for gaming and that too in a budget. It possesses a large number of games and also provides you to play many games available in PS4 although with lesser graphical details. It has around more than 1000 game titles, especially for the PS3. With the help of PlayStation network, it has access to hundreds of unique games.

  1. Hyperkin RetroN5

Having support for the five retro consoles cartridges the Hyperkin RetroN 5 resembles the old school gaming. It is priced at an affordable range and will allow you to play many important games like Gameboy, Famicom, Nintendo Entertainment System and many more. For all those who love to relive their nostalgic old days, this one is quite an attraction.

  1. Sony PlayStation Vita Slim

Its ability to be able to play along with PS4 has given it a new life. Its official name is PCH-2000 but it is common with people with the name of Sony PlayStation Vita Slim. It has undergone some of the modifications in its appearance. It has much more usage of plastic and also the screen exhibits a visible edge. However, in terms of ergonomics, it is much better than its predecessors. The material at the back is soft to touch which makes it easy to hold this device and play.

  1. New Nintendo 3DS XL

New Nintendo 3DS XL have undergone some of the hardware modifications and have made many improvements that can be noticed easily, although these changes are not significant. It possesses a full body which can be easily held in hands. Almost all of the things have been modified. This new model has all the buttons and switches placed in a new position. The product has also undergone many aesthetic differences too. One of the drawbacks is that the product does not come with a wall charger or even a USB cable. In case you want one, you need to buy it separately.

  1. Alienware Steam Machine

This wonderful steam machine from Alienware is an addition to fun with convenience, accessibility and with the usual games. Steam is basically a gaming platform of PC and a download store. Its owner is Valve which has given some of the best games to the world of gaming. It has around 125 million users and that too active. With the addition of SteamOS which is an operating system that has been designed to deliver PC gaming like experience through a style that of the console. Either you can download this software or you can also buy a Steam machine that has this operating system already installed and also provides a steam controller that is dedicated.

  1. Microsoft Xbox 360 (Premium)

It can perform a large number of functions. It powers up the console with huge energy after the X button is pressed which is present on the controller which is wireless. It possesses a large number of media tricks that are quite enough to keep its players engaged. It has two ports for USB which have been kept hidden behind a flap which can be used for plugging up cameras, any MP3 Players and flash keys. It also possesses a unique dashboard that allows you to have access to many other functions, which can be superimposed while playing a game; therefore there is no requirement to quit out of your game.